Bartolin, Jeff


Bachelor of Science
Baldwin-Wallace College, 1999

Masters of Science

University of Michigan, 2004

About this team member

Jeff Bartolin received his B. S. in chemistry from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1999.  He was the second alumnus of that esteemed institution to join the research group!  Jeff pursued research in the area of organometallic chemistry.


  • Silylene- and Germylene-Mediated C-H Activation:  Reaction with Alkanes, Ethers, and Amines Organometallics 2009 28 2744
  • Design and Implementation of a Studio-based General Chemistry Course at the University of Michigan. J. Chem. Ed. 2007 84 265-270.
  • Tin Mediated CH-Activation and Cross-Coupling in a Single Flask. Organometallics 2006 25 4738-4740.
  • Octylgermane on Gold: Synthesis, Oxidation, and Pattern Formation. Langmuir 2004 20 11422-11427.
  • C-H Activation of Ethers and Alkanes by Germylene-Aryl Halide Complexes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2003 125 8986-8987.