Chen, Junjie


Bachelors of Science

2013 Nanjing University

Doctor of Philosophy

2018 University of Michigan

About this team member

Junjie (JJ) received a B.S. in chemistry from Nanjing University, China in June 2013. In NJU, he was involved in bio-analytical and fluorescent probe development projects. He came to Michigan chemistry department as a chembio graduate student in the summer of 2013 and joined Banaszak Holl’s lab in May 2014. JJ’s initial project focused on the interaction of folate binding protein with folic acid, folic acid conjugates, and antifolates. He also worked as part of a team translating the results to an in vivo drug delivery study.  JJ’s final project was studying the structure of the anterior cruciate ligament and mechanisms of ligament failure.

Besides science, he also loves classical music, history and travelling.

JJ is currently at GSK in Pennsylvania.


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