Dougherty, Casey


Bachelor of Science

University of Pittsburgh, 2010

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Michigan, 2015

About this team member

Casey received a B.S. in Chemistry and minor in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in May 2010. At Pittsburgh, she was involved in genetics, bio-analytical, and polymer coating research projects. She entered Michigan’s chemistry graduate program in the fall of 2010 to study Materials-Organic Chemistry. Casey joined the Banaszak Holl group in 2011, and her work focuses on the synthesis and characterization of fluorescent dendrimers and their applications.

Casey won the chemistry department’s 2013 American Chemical Society outstanding graduate student award for research and teaching.

She was a post-doctoral associate in the group of Hao Hong in the University of Michigan radiology department and in the group of Neil Marsh at UM chemistry.


Casey is now an assistant professor at Iona College.



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