Kim, Jinhee


B.A. Chemistry 2016

Earlham College

About this team member

Jinhee was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Santa Clara, CA. She received her B.A. in chemistry from Earlham College, Richmond, IN in 2016 and was involved in various analytical research projects from computing the free energy barrier of a B-DNA to Z-DNA, observing the phase behavior of triblock copolymers and quantifying caffeine concentrations in consumer beverages. For her graduate work, she was interested in doing materials chemistry research and joined the Banaszak Holl lab in the summer of 2017. Her current project is studying the structure and composition of anterior cruciate ligaments(ACL) with an end goal to contribute her findings to strengthen the ACL failure prevention programs.

Jinhee also loves the ocean, any water related sports and warm weather.


  • An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Failure Mechanism American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 47 2067-2076
  • The Relationship of Collagen Structural and Compositional Heterogeneity to Tissue Mechanical Properties: A Chemical Perspective ACS Nano 2017 11 10665-10671