Sweeder, Ryan


Bachelor of Arts

Albion College, 1996

Doctor of Philosphy

Michigan, 2003

Postdoctoral Fellow

Cornell University with Frank DiSalvo, 2003-2004


About this team member

Ryan studied the reactions of germylenes with ketones and phenones and was a key leader in leader of studio chemistry at the University of Michigan.   He is currently an associate professor of chemistry at the Lyman Briggs College, a residential college at Michigan State University. His research focuses on the processes involved in the teaching and learning of general chemistry.

Ryan won the 2015 Distinguished Faculty of the Year award sponsored by the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan.





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  • Exploring Two Reactions of Ketones with Ge[CH(SiMe3)2]2: CH and OH insertion. Organometallics 2003 22 5054-5063.
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