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The Banaszak Holl lab has a major focus on biological structure and function, particular at the nano and micro scales. We are particularly interested in bone and ligaments. We are also interested in the use of nanomaterials, including transport proteins, for drug and gene delivery. In addition to our biological work, the group has a long history in synthesis of new materials and polymer science and engineering. We currently have a focus on green and sustainable polymers including developing new methods to depolymerize major industrial industrial polymers that are currently land filled at the end of their useful lifetime. We are also continuing our studies of the environmental and biological interactions of nanoplastics.

Specific projects currently active in the group include: the study of bone structure & properties as function of osteoporosis and drug treatments; the mechanism of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) failure; protein particles for drug delivery; catalytic methods for polymer depolymerization; and environmental nanoplastics.