Chemical Family Tree

Mark Banaszak-Holl
Ph.D., Cornell University 1991
Nanoparticle Toxicity; Targeted Drug Delivery; Main Group Chemistry (CH-activation)

Peter T. Wolczanski
Ph.D. Caltech 1982
Early Transition Metalsiloxides, Silamides; Small Molecule Activation (CO, CH3)

John E. Bercaw
Ph.D. Michigan 1971
Early Transition Metal Cp and Cp* Chemistry; N2 Activation; CH4 Activation

Hans-Herbert Brintzinger
(now at Universitat Konstanz)
Ph.D. Basel 1960
Chiral Cyclopentadienyl-type Sandwich Compounds; Metal-catalyzed Polymerization

Silvio Arthur Fallab
Ph.D. Basel 1950

Hans F.A. Erlenmeyer
Ph.D. Berlin 1922
Structure of Biological Compounds; Use of Radioactive Markers

Emil F.G.K. Erlenmeyer Jr.
Ph.D. Gottingen 1888
Cinnamic Acid Derivatives; Asymmetric Synthesis

Emil R.A.C. Erlenmeyer Sr.
Ph.D. Giessen 1850
Synthesis of Tyrosine, Creatine, Guanidine; Erlenmeyer Flask

Heinrich Will
Ph.D. Giessen 1839
Nitrogen Analysis; Reduction of CO with K

Justus von Liebig
Ph.D. Erlangen 1822
Structural Isomers; Development of Artificial Fertilizers

Karl F.W.G. Kastner
Ph.D. Jena 1805
Triboluminescence; Hydrogen/Platinum Reactions

Joahnn F.A. Gottling
Apothecary Langensalza 1775
Chemistry of Hg, Ag, S, P; Oxidation of Organics with HNO3

Johann C. Wiegleb
Apothecary, Langensalza 1765
Founded Chemical-Pharmacy Institute

Ernst C. Baldinger
M.D. Jena 1760
Professor of Medicine; Surgeon in Seven Years War

Christoph Andreas Mangold
M.D. Erfurt 1751
Professor of Anatomy, Chemistry and Philosphy

Georg Erhardt Hamberger
M.D. Jena 1721
Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Botany

Johann Adolph Wedel
M.D. Jena 1697
Professor of Medicine

Georg Wolfgang Wedel
M.D. Jena 1669
Professor of Surgery, Botany, Theoretical Medicine, Practical Medicine and Chemistry

Werner Rolfinck
M.D. Padua 1625
First Professor of Chemistry in Jena, Professor of Anatomy, Surgery and Botany

Adriaan van den Spieghel
M.D. Padua 1603
Professor of Anatomy, Surgery and Botany

Giulio Cesare Casseri
M.D. Padua 1580
Professor of Surgery and Anatomy

Girolamo (Aquapendente) Fabrici
M.D. Padua 1559
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery

Gabriele Fallopio
M.D. Ferrara 1548
Professor of Botany, Surgery and Anatomy

Antonio Musa Brasavola
M.D./Ph.D. Ferrara 1520
Physician to Francis I of France, Kaiser Charles of Germany, King Henry VIII of England

Nicolo da Lonigo (Leoniceno)
M.D./Ph.D. Padua 1453
Professor of Mathematics, Greek Philosophy and Medicine