Group Publications

  • Homochiral MOF–Polymer Mixed Matrix Membranes for Efficient Separation of Chiral Molecules Angewandte Chemie 2019 58 16928-16935
  • Coiled-Coil-Mediated Assembly of an Icosahedral Protein Cage with Extremely High Thermal and Chemical Stability Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 141 9207-9216
    See: Chen, Junjie
  • Distributions: The Importance of the Chemist’s Molecular View for Biological Materials Biomacromolecules 2018 19 1469-1484
    See: Merzel, Rachel
  • Cathepsin K inhibition preserves compressive load in lumar vertebrae of osteoporotic monkeys Bone Reports 2018 9 159-164
    See: Colon-Bernal, Isabel
  • Topical Deferoxamine Alleviates Skin Injury and Normalizes Atomic Force Microscopy Patterns Following Radiation in a Murine Breast Reconstruction Model Annals of Plastic Surgery 2018 81 604-608
  • Tailoring dendrimer conjugates for biomedical applications: the impact of altering hydrophobicity Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2018 20 284
    See: Dougherty, CaseyVaidyanathan, Sriram
  • Microstructure Dependent Binding of Pigment Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF) to Type I Collagen Fibrils Journal of Structural Biology 2017 199 132-139
    See: Cauble, MeaganYang, Phillip
  • Folate-Binding Protein Self-Aggregation Drives Agglomeration of Folic Acid Targeted Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Bioconjugate Chemistry 2017 28 81-87
    See: Chen, JunjieJones, AlexisKlem, Sarah
  • Folate binding protein: Therapeutic natural nanotechnology for folic acid, methotrexate, and leucovorin Nanoscale 2017 9 2603-2615
    See: Boutom, SarahChen, JunjieFrey, CarolinaMerzel, Rachel
  • Nanostructured Materials for Microwave Receptors Progress in Materials Science 2017 87 221-245
    See: Majdzadeh-Ardakani, Kazem
  • Dendrimer and dendrimer-conjugate protein complexes and protein coronas Canadian Journal of Chemistry 2017 95 903-906
    See: Chen, Junjie
  • Conjugation Dependent Interaction of Folic Acid with Folate Binding Protein Bioconjugate Chemistry 2017 28 2350-2360
    See: Chen, JunjieFrey, CarolinaGarn, RachelMerzel, Rachelvan Dongen, Mallory
  • Atomic Force Microscopy-Infrared Spectroscopy of Individual Atmospheric Aerosol Particles: Subdiffraction Limit Vibrational Spectroscopy and Morphological Analysis Analytical Chemistry 2017 89 8594-8598
    See: Merzel, Rachel
  • The Relationship of Collagen Structural and Compositional Heterogeneity to Tissue Mechanical Properties: A Chemical Perspective ACS Nano 2017 11 10665-10671
    See: Ahn, Taeyong (Ted)Chen, JunjieColon-Bernal, IsabelKim, Jinhee
  • Rapid Exchange Between Free and Bound States in RNA-Dendrimer Polyplexes: Implications on the Mechanism of Delivery and Release Biomacromolecules 2016 17 154-164
    See: Dougherty, CaseyShakya, Anisha
  • Substrate-Triggered Exosite Binding: Synergistic Dendrimer/Folic Acid Action for Achieving Specific, Tight-Binding to Folate Binding Protein Biomacromolecules 2016 17 922-927
    See: Chen, JunjieDougherty, CaseyMerzel, Rachelvan Dongen, Mallory
  • Cationic Polymer Intercalation into the Lipid Membrane Enables Intact Polyplex DNA Escape from Endosomes for Gene Delivery Molecular Pharmaceutics 2016 13 1967-1978
    See: Chen, JunjieVaidyanathan, Sriram
  • In vivo targeting of metastatic breast cancer via tumor vasculature-specific nano-graphene oxide Biomaterials 2016 104 361-371
    See: Cauble, Meagan
  • Role of Cell Membrane-Vector Interactions in Successful Gene Delivery Accounts of Chemical Research 2016 49 1486-1493
    See: Vaidyanathan, Sriram
  • Estrogen and drug treatment alter the microstructure of type I collagen in bone Bone Reports 2016 5 243-251
    See: Cauble, MeaganFang, Ming (Flora)