Group Publications

  • G5 PAMAM dendrimer versus liposome: A comparison study on the in vitro transepithelial transport and in vivo oral absorption of simvastatin Nanomedicine - Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 2015 11 1141-1151
    See: van Dongen, Mallory
  • Aryl Halide Radical Clocks as Probes of Stannylene/Aryl Halide C-H Activation Rates Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 2014 24 250-257
    See: Kavara, AjdinKheir, Michael
  • Detergent Induction of HEK 293A Cell Membrane Permeability Measured under Quiescent and Superfusion Conditions Using Whole Cell Patch Clamp Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2014 118 2112-2123
    See: Vaidyanathan, Sriram
  • Isolation and Characterization of Precise Dye/Dendrimer Ratios Chemistry a European Journal 2014 20 4638-4645
    See: Stassi DiMaggioDougherty, Caseyvan Dongen, Mallory
  • Avidity Mechanism of Dendrimer-Folic Acid Conjugates Molecular Pharmaceutics 2014 11 1696-1706
    See: Seok-ki ChoiDougherty, CaseySilpe, Justinvan Dongen, Mallory
  • Quantification of cytosolic plasmid DNA degradation using high-throughput sequencing: implications for gene delivery Journal of Gene Medicine 2014 16 75-83
    See: Rattan, Rahul
  • Diffusion NMR Study of Generation-Five PAMAM Dendrimer Materials Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2014 118 7195-7202
    See: van Dongen, Mallory
  • Multivalent Polymers for Drug Delivery and Imaging: The Challenges of Conjugation Biomacromolecules 2014 15 3215-3234
    See: Dougherty, Caseyvan Dongen, Mallory
  • Hyperspectral imaging and characterization of live cells by broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy with singular value decomposition (SVD) analysis. Applied Spectroscopy 2014 68 1116-1122
    See: Price, Erika
  • Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimer-Methotrexate Conjugates: The Mechanism of Interaction with Folate Binding Protein Molecular Pharmaceutics 2014 11 4049-4058
    See: Dougherty, CaseyRattan, RahulSilpe, Justinvan Dongen, Mallory
  • The role of caveolin-1 and syndecan-4 in the internalization of PEGylated PAMAM dendrimer polyplexes into myoblast and hepatic cells European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2014 88 658-663
    See: van Dongen, Mallory
  • Nanoscale Structure of type I collagen fibrils:  Quantitative measurement of D-spacing Biotechnology Journal 2013 8 117-126
    See: Clifford LesErickson, BlakeFang, Ming (Flora)Wallace, Joseph
  • Dendrimer-Based Multivalent Vancomycin Nanoplatform for Targeting the Drug-Resistant Bacterial Surface ACS Nano 2013 7 214-228
    See: Seok-ki ChoiSilpe, Justin
  • Type I Collagen Self-Assembly: The Roles of Substrate and Concentration Langmuir 2013 29 2330-2338
    See: Fang, Ming (Flora)Goldstein, ElizabethMatich, Eryn
  • Attractive Hydration Forces in DNA-Dendrimer Interactions on the Nanometer Scale Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2013 117 973-981
  • Polyplex Exposure Inhibits Cell Cycle, Increases Inflammatory Response, and Can Cause Protein Expression without Cell Division Molecular Pharmaceutics 2013 10 1306-1317
    See: Erickson, BlakeMatz, BeckyVaidyanathan, Sriram
  • Quantitative analysis of generation and branch defects in G5 poly(amidoamine) dendrimer Polymer 2013 54 4126-4133
    See: van Dongen, Mallory
  • Variation in type I collagen fibril nanomorphology: the significance and origin BoneKEy 2013 2 394
    See: Fang, Ming (Flora)
  • Polyplex-Induced Cytosolic Nuclease Activation Leads to Differential Transgene Expression Molecular Pharmaceutics 2013 10 3013-3022
    See: Rattan, RahulShakya, AnishaVaidyanathan, Sriram
  • Crystallinity and compositional changes in carbonated apatites: Evidence from 31P solid-state NMR, Raman, and AFM analysis. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2013 206 192-198
    See: Fang, Ming (Flora)