Merzel, Rachel


B. A. 2012

Wesleyan University

Doctor of Philosophy

2018 University of Michigan

About this team member

Rachel Merzel (Wallace) graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry from Wesleyan University in 2012. At Wesleyan she worked with Prof. Albert J. Fry on mechanistic studies involving the electrochemical oxidation of diphenylacetaldehyde. In the fall of 2013, Rachel began graduate school in the University of Michigan’s Chemistry Department in the Inorganic cluster. She joined the Banaszak Holl group in May 2014, where her research focuses on designing targeted drug delivery using polymer-drug conjugates and the functionalization of silicon nanoparticles for imaging applications.  Rachel was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship in 2014.

She was awarded the Florence Fenwick outstanding graduate student instructor award in 2017.

Rachel’s work on nanoplastics in the environment was featured in congressional testimony in 2017 (starts around 1 h 33 min mark in attached link).

Rachel has also published a policy paper as part of the Ford School’s Science, Technology, and Public Policy (STPP) program.    R. Merzel.  The 14 Day Rule: scientific advances and the end of abortion rights.  Journal of Science Policy and Governance 2017, volume 11.


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