Former Group Members

What do folks do after working with Banaszak Holl group? All kinds of amazing things.

The former members of the group are highlighted in this Rogues Gallery. You can look up details on any former group member from the names listed on the left hand bar. Notable professional and scientific achievements are highlighted below.

Group Members Going that Extra Step for Better Teaching and Science

Sunghee Lee – Chair of Chemistry Department, Iona College.  Prof. Lee won a 2013 Rising Star Award from the American Chemical Society’s Women Chemist’s Committee.

Group Members Doing Cool Stuff in Industry

Kyle Litz – CTO Auterra, Inc.

Check out Kyle’s work on desulfurization of Canadian tar sands.  Business Review.   CBS Market Watch.

Group Members with the highest cited papers

Seungpyo Hong, Almut Mecke – Interaction of poly(amidoamine) dendrimers with supported lipid bilayers and cells: Hole formation and the relation to transport.  Bioconjugate Chemistry 2004, 15, 774.

Seungpyo Hong, Pascale Leroueil, Mary-Margaret Kober – Interaction of polycationic polymers with supported lipid bilayers and cells: Nanoscale hole formation and enhanced membrane permeability.  Bioconjugate Chemistry 200617, 728.  This paper was included in Bioconjugate Chemistry’s “25th Anniversary Collection”.  It was selected to represent  “the best Articles and Communications from the first 25 years of BC, highlighting the breadth of science and impact of the journal.”

Seungpyo won the 2012 New Investigator Grant Award in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technologies from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Group Members with largest numbers of publications

Doug Mullen with an amazing 19 publications during his time in the group!

Mallory van Dongen with an amazing 17 publications during her time in the group!

Group Members in Club X (10 or more publications during graduate school)

John Bender, Casey DoughertyMing FangSeungpyo Hong, Christopher KellyKevin LandmarkPascale Leroueil, Kyle Litz, Almut Mecke, Douglas Mullen, Ken Nicholson, Kevin Schneider, Mallory van Dongen

Group Members in Club II (undergraduates with 2 or more publications)

Stephanie Berry, Ted Betley, Emilee Borgmeier, Fern Edwards, Elizabeth Goldstein, Milan KaushikMaggie Kober, Jia Wang, Mark Barash

Group Members in the Century Club (a publication with 100 or more citations; Web of Science)

Stephanie Berry, Ted BetleyJiumei ChenKristen Duthie, Ming Fang, Jessica Hessler, Song GeSeungpyo Hong, Christopher KellyDamian Khan,  Maggie KoberPascale Leroueil, Kevin LandmarkDouglas Mullen,  Almut Mecke

Group Members in the QuinCentury Club (a publication with 500 or more citations; Web of Science)

Seungpyo Hong, Maggie Kober, Pascale Leroueil

Group Members with Journal Covers

Kyung-hoon Lee

Douglas Mullen

Mallory van Dongen