Borgmeier, Emilee


Bachelor of Arts, Spanish

Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience

University of Michigan, 2010


M.D. 2014

University of Indiana

About this team member

Emilee graduated from  Michigan with degrees in Neuroscience and Spanish. She was part of the Banaszak Holl group for three years, working with Doug Mullen, on the synthesis and characterization of functionalized PAMAM dendrimers as targeted drug delivery agents.  Emilee obtained her M.D. at the Indiana University School of Medicine and is currently a resident in anesthesia at the  University of Utah medical school.


  • Effect of Mass Transport in the Synthesis of Partially Acetylated Dendrimer:  Implications for Functional Ligand-Nanoparticle Interactions Macromolecules 2010 43 6577-6587.
  • Isolation and Characterization of Dendrimers with Precise Numbers of Functional Groups Chemistry a European Journal 2010 10 10675-10678.