Chen, Haifeng


Bachelors of Science

Lanzhou University, 1993


Masters of Science

Lanzhou University, 1996


Doctor of Philosophy

Peking University, 1999

About this team member

Haifeng earned his PhD in chemistry from Peking University. He then spent time as a post-doctoral associate at University of Leeds. He worked with us, in collaboration with Prof. Brian Clarkson of Dentistry, studying the crystallization of enamel crystals. After that, he continued his research in the School of Dentistry as a research investigator until 2006. He went back to China in 2006 and he is now an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering in Peking University.


  • Nanoscale Probing of the Enamel Nanorod Surface Using Polyamidoamine Dendrimers. Langmuir 2004 20 4168-4171.
  • Interaction of Dendrimers (Artificial Proteins) with Hydroxyapatite Crystals. J. Dent. Res 2003 82 443-448.