Cygan, Zuzanna


Bachelor of Science
Louisiana State University, 1999

Doctor of Philosophy
University of Michigan, 2003

About this team member

Zuzanna Cygan graduated with a B. S. in chemistry from Louisiana State University in 1999.  She worked on the organometallic chemistry of palladium/germylene complexes and graduated with her PhD in 2003.  After a post-doc at NIST, she is now working at Arkema Group.


  • Silylene- and Germylene-Mediated C-H Activation:  Reaction with Alkanes, Ethers, and Amines Organometallics 2009 28 2744
  • Sequential Insertion of Formaldehyde and Carbon Monoxide into a Sulfide Bridged Pd-Ge Bond followed by Reductive Elimination to form a [1,3,2]oxathiagermolan-4-one. Organometallics 2004 23 2370-237.
  • Insertion of SO2 into a Sulfide-Bridged M-Ge Bond: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of the O-germyl-S-sulfoxylate. Inorg. Chem. 2004 43 2057-2063.
  • Reactions of Palladium Germylene Complexes: Formation of Sulfide Bridges. Inorg. Chem. 2003 42 7219-7226.
  • Activation and Catalytic Partial Hydrogenation of Benzophenone. Organometallics 2003 22 4613-4615.
  • Synthesis and Reactivity of a Novel Palladium Germylene System. Organometallics 2002 21 5373-5381.